STYLE FILE // closet cull





I have always had a neat and organised wardrobe and being a visual person I only use one kind of hanger so it all looks orderly. Despite all this my wardrobe is somehow becoming an issue, it feels like the clothes are expanding and the storage is shrinking.

1st mistake – I didn’t clear anything out when I last moved (which was five years ago).

2nd mistake – I hadn’t done a good cleanse before moving (which was five years prior).

3rd mistake – I’m not a hoarder but a designer (which means I hang onto items because I like the print or detail but I won’t wear it again).

My goal is to start using all my clothes and not only the ones within reach and visibility. My hope is that I will get dressed with ease, but also get excited by rediscovering my style. It’s amazing how much your mood and inspiration can be influenced when dressing for the day ahead. So I am beginning the detox mission and dividing up items into keep, donate or sell. The only question being is how can I recycle those fabrics I love but have gone past their wearable expiry date?