TUCKER TIME // super smoothie




Smoothies and fresh juices are rampant on all forms of social media and I’m reluctantly jumping on the bandwagon. I love that people are caring about their health and eating lots of fruit and vegetables, but Instagram has helped the overkill of this craze. However… I’m converted! The reason is that I’ve NEVER been a breakfast person and yes I know it’s the most important meal of the day. I’ve just never been able to stomach a meal first thing in the morning, even as a kid. I decided it was time to think of other breakfast alternatives like a smoothie.

I had heard about the negative effects from whey and other chemicals found in most supplements, so I decided to try the organic range from WelleCo. The Super Elixir is an alkalising greens supplement that balances your pH levels. The Nourishing Protein is a protein supplement with a cacao chocolate flavour. I made a smoothie using both of these mixed with almond milk, strawberries and banana. It was delicious, filling and a great start to the day. The WelleCo website is very informative and also has great suggestions using the products. I’m looking forward to trying more recipes, while seeing and feeling the results.