MASTERSTROKE // mural love





Melbourne is renowned for street art but Sydney is evolving and the artform is gaining momentum here too. I love making discoveries when I walk down an alleyway or drive through a side street (yes I am that person who stops to take a photo!).

Respected graffiti artist Phibs painted the facade of this warehouse in Stanmore. He is one of the city’s most prolific and established graffiti and street artists, also making a name for himself within the fine arts world. His strong, distinctive style suits this packaging service’s premises which is run by St Vincent de Paul Society and provides employment for people with a disability. The biggest surprise was in Potts Point with this striking black and white drawing of a woman in a room. The tiling angled to a vanishing point is perfect since it’s in an alley so the perspective works with the actual street location. Then there’s the charm of this abandoned corner shop in Botany which has had a simple revamp with a childlike painting of a tree landscape. I’m unsure whether this was done by the owners or locals, but it puts a smile on your face and cheers up an otherwise bland wall.

Large scale murals are commanding but sometimes it’s the mystery of the artist and the concept of the piece which is just as intriguing. A simple quote by Henri Matisse sums it up “creativity takes courage”.