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TUCKER TIME // interior inspo

The main reason for dining out is eating good food and enjoying the company of family and friends. Atmosphere can make or break a restaurant, no matter how great the meal is. For me the interiors are also a major part of the experience and a constant source of inspiration and design ideas.

I’m hoping to renovate in the future so I’m already thinking about what I could do with my home. I know the Hamptons style has been overdone but since I’m by the water I feel like I need to pay homage with a little coastal chic. Santorini’s whitewashed simplicity, Spanish mission style architecture and French farmhouses or villas all appeal to me. Then there’s the rustic elegance and raw materials of the industrial look. My love of the Mid Century Modern era is obvious since I have many beloved pieces of furniture in my collection. Luckily I have plenty of time to work out which way I’m going to go. Decisions, decisions…

HOUSE CALL // moving on

After much deliberation I decided to leave my beloved Art Deco apartment. It served me well for many years and always felt welcoming after a busy day. With no major reasons for moving, it was more of a feeling that I needed to move on and was ready for a change. I am sentimental about leaving but also excited about this new chapter.

Going from apartment living to a house may have new challenges but we’ll soon see how it goes. I have plans to renovate/redecorate but it may take a while. As soon as I’m unpacked (by the way I’m in no rush), I will share my new space. First I need to recover from moving twice! Not ideal but it’s the way things panned out. Here are some things I learnt about moving.

Lesson 1 – Don’t decide to move around Christmas (I was so busy with end of year work/shopping/festivities that I didn’t have time to plan packing).

Lesson 2 – Don’t actually move in January (I had to cut my holidays short to rush home and frantically pack).

Lesson 3 – Don’t move in Summer (It was sweltering hot every single day I had to pack and/or move stuff).

These were extra hurdles all due to my bad timing. Apart from this it’s the usual advice of packing as early as you can, labelling boxes with detailed descriptions and most of all culling so you’re not lugging unwanted items with you to the next place. None of which I did – but I’ve survived!

HOUSE CALL // warehouse wishlist

As you can probably tell I have a love for architecture. Who knows, if I hadn’t become a graphic designer I might have been an architect? I’ve always loved Mid Century Modern design and I still aspire to owning one of those iconic houses one day. Art Deco is another era I adore and my apartment building is testament to this. Looking through all the interior references I’ve collected I’ve worked out that I’m also partial to the bohemian beach shack style.

Polar opposite to all these styles is my love for that urban industrial look. I’d be so happy to take on any of these warehouses to renovate. These factories in the inner west have elements of the period features that I’ve mentioned. My wishlist would be exposed brick, timber rafters and concrete floors. An open plan space with a designated studio would be ideal. The plan was to move beach-side but I could be tempted…

HOUSE CALL // save our sirius

Sirius is an iconic apartment building in The Rocks that is a perfect representation of brutalist architecture. It was designed by architect Tao Gofers and built in 1979 for the Housing Commission for public housing tenants. It’s prime location next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge with views of Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House make it an enviable site. In 2014, the New South Wales Government decided to sell the block of 79 units along with many Millers Point heritage-listed terraces, possibly for demolition to make way for luxury apartments. Despite protests from tenants, locals and architectural lovers, nearly all the residents have now moved out of Sirius. The Government decided against heritage listing despite a recommendation by the Heritage Council, but this will be challenged at a hearing at the NSW Land and Environment Court in April.

Tao Gofers has hosted tours of Sirius to try to get more support from the community by opening up the apartments to the public and educating people about the significance of social housing. Peaceful protests have also been held to show the Government how much this building means to Sydneysiders. Comedian and radio presenter Tim “Rosso” Ross has also been instrumental in organising the campaign Save Our Sirius.

Tonight a rally was held on site for people to have Friday drinks to appreciate the building but also to raise awareness. Since Tao Gofers started his tours, the building’s windows have been blocked out by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. The beautiful interiors and foyer artwork by artist Penny Rosier is now sadly hidden from view. It was a great crowd full of supporters who respect the historic value of Sirius and who want the best for our city and the people.


HOUSE CALL // ngv australia, melbourne

ANFM_Home-ngv01 ANFM_Home-ngv33
ANFM_Home-ngv25 ANFM_Home-ngv32
ANFM_Home-ngv07 ANFM_Home-ngv21
ANFM_Home-ngv10 ANFM_Home-ngv35

Normally I would feature an interiors post on a personal home tour, but this exhibition was so well executed that it felt like I was transported into Australian homes of the past. Mid-Century Modern: Australian Furniture Design heralds the innovative designers from the 1940s to the 1970s and their lasting legacy. Featuring iconic pieces such as the Contour range by Grant Featherston and full-scale vignettes such as the living room based on the 1955 Age Dream Home.

I personally love this era of design as it was so revolutionary at the time but it has transcended to still feel contemporary today. Many current designers still look to this period for creative inspiration as well as the ground-breaking techniques in production. Travel back to the days before the internet… but then you wouldn’t be reading this!

HOUSE CALL // joanna, sydney


vintage coat stand – David Met Nicole (sadly closed) // artwork – Warwick Orme // art deco vintage armchairs – Claphams Furniture and Antiques // vintage side table – Vampt Vintage Design // planter – Ikea // cushions – Cloth Fabric


french vintage metal storage boxes – quintessential duckeggBLUE // tissue box – My Island Home // candle – The Little Candle Shop // feathers – found


vintage medical cabinet – David Met Nicole (sadly closed) // brown jar – Aesop // vintage tins, matchbox, enamel plates, compact – found // sugar bowl, creamer, glass bottles – Bondi markets // candle – Moontree

I thought I would show you a few pics of some of my favourite spots from around my own home. Those Art Deco armchairs have a matching three seater lounge and were an amazing find. Years ago I was driving on the way to a friend’s place and went past a vintage store and they caught my eye. Needless to say a quick u-turn and an even quicker purchase only delayed me a little – lucky I have understanding friends! They were originally in a red woven fabric but were worn out and tired. I took them to an amazing upholsterer who fixed all the springs and made new cushions and covered them in this luxurious tan leather.

Looking around I realised nearly all my pieces are pre-loved but I love the look and the stories that come with them. Even in the display cabinet above I have mixed some finds from vintage stores with personal items like those tins and matchbox from my Dad. I was one of those kids who was always going through my parents cupboards hunting for treasures. Actually I still do when I visit them, but Mum doesn’t mind as it helps her de-clutter too.

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