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DEAR DIARY // spring has sprung



There’s nothing like the changing of seasons to give that sense of renewal and inspiration. While I can appreciate the cooler months, I am definitely more of a warm weather lover. Spring is here for the southern hemisphere with the smell of blooming flowers, pretty sorbet skies and clear days. It feels like a good time to not only spring clean the home but also the mind, body and spirit!

STREETSCAPES // paddington





Paddington is best known for its architectural heritage and conservation with street after street of restored early Victorian terrace houses. This inner-city area was originally considered a slum like so many suburbs in Sydney. Decade after decade the changing face of Paddington and its residents has moved with the times – from the working-class to the migrants then the hippies and students until its gentrification.

It always maintained its unique historical and aesthetic appeal but really started to evolve in the 1980s and 1990s as a cool, creative hub. Young designers set up boutique stores along with the artisan weekend markets making it a popular shopping destination. A string of clubs and bars attracted the hip crowd so there was always an exciting energy. I hold many fond memories during this era so it was a shame that this vibe changed drastically over the last few years. Thankfully it seems to be having a resurgence so I’m hoping that it can get back to its heyday.

DEAR DIARY // shelter book party




I have followed the work of photographer/stylist Kara Rosenlund and have always admired her creative eye. She captures the beauty of her subject with a simple aesthetic yet with a complex depth.

As an adventurer she travelled the country and documented her finds in the beautiful book ‘Shelter: How Australians Live’. Showcasing Australian houses in all their diversity with the traditional beach shacks, homesteads and sheep stations. Then there’s the unique homes converted from shipping containers and even a tram!

The author celebrated with a book tour including a photographic exhibition and pop-up shop. I attended the Sydney party which was a lovely experience of being immersed into a rural landscape right in the middle of the city. Kara’s inspirational speech ended with a spontaneous laugh from a nearby kookaburra – how Australian is that?

STREETSCAPES // double bay



Double Bay is well known as a stylish suburb with luxury boutiques and a fashionable café scene. It’s easy to get distracted by this, but if you venture a little further you discover the lovely tree-lined streets and grand homes. Heading down to the water you can see how the bay forms this section of Sydney Harbour, where you can admire the uninterrupted harbour and city skyline views. With a picturesque harbourside beach and the classic charm of the cottage-like sailing club you feel transported to another time. The waves lapping the shore drown out the bustle of the city and you can simply sit on the jetty while enjoying the tranquility…

STREETSCAPES // woolloomooloo

ANFM_Woolloomooloo-building02ANFM_Woolloomooloo-building04 ANFM_Woolloomooloo-door01ANFM_Woolloomooloo-street02ANFM_Woolloomooloo-building07

Woolloomooloo is an inner-city area that has undergone major redevelopment in recent years. This has transformed its historic working-class past to a modern harbourside hub with an array of options in the arts, dining and culture. An urban pocket that still retains plenty of character with charming old apartments and warehouses in an eclectic mix of styles. Crossing over different eras in architecture creating an interesting diversity that reflects the heritage of Sydney and its evolution.






The creative spirit and individuality of Newtown is still expressed by the locals even through the urban sprawl and development in the area. The demographics may have changed in part, but the artistic and eccentric side of the community is clearly visible. Street art such as the Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’ mural on King Street is of course a landmark, but there are many more artworks in the back streets and alleys. I particularly adore how residents have reflected this originality in their houses. Whether they are converting old shop fronts into homes, or decorating the exterior and entry to reflect their style. It’s always inspiring to walk these streets as there is always something new to see.

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