DEAR DIARY // musical faces


Carla Fletcher ‘Dan Sultan’ (pencil, graphite, spray paint on linen)


Sophia Hewson ‘Artist kisses subject’ (oil on board)


James Powditch ‘Citizen Kave’ (mixed media)


Jason Benjamin ‘I just wanna dream’ (oil on linen)

Music is one of my true loves and everything about it is an inspiration – genres depict an era in time, musicians become icons, fans set style trends. There is nothing like a song to link you back to a memory, evoke a feeling or make a connection with people.

I loved how there were so many portraits in this year’s Archibald Prize that depicted Australian musical artists. Obviously art, music and fashion have always been intrinsically linked but these artworks proved it. A delicate but strong portrayal of singer/songwriter Dan Sultan. The amazing realism of the artist herself kissing singer/songwriter/actress Missy Higgins. Then the clever fictional film poster of artist Nick Cave to convey his influence and power. Also a soulful look reflecting the multiple facets and personality of musician Tim Rogers.

This year’s exhibition held an amazing array of artistic talent but I wanted to share what really made my heart sing…