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INSTA-JAM // 2020 be gone


To say this year was a nightmare is an understatement! Here in Australia we started with the bushfires, then floods, then the Covid-19 outbreak and to cap it all off we have storms thanks to La Niña. The world has been rocked by the pandemic which keeps fluctuating and wreaking havoc on lives. Since we were all in lockdown at various stages I didn’t get out much, but here are some highlights from my Instagram that I hope shines a little bit of light amongst the dark times. On a positive note, with less distractions we spent more time outdoors and went back to enjoying the simple things in life. I guess you always have to look at the bright side and with that I say… good riddance 2020!

INSTA-JAM // sending off 2017


I admit I have been slack and absent from social media in 2017 but it has been a huge year! It’s been great but extremely hectic on all fronts (home, family and work) so I’m definitely needing a well earned rest. It will be a short break as 2018 is gearing up to be a time with lots of changes coming, which is exciting. Here’s a few highlights from my Instagram that I shared (albeit sporadically). I hope you have all had a good year and the upcoming one is even better. Happy holidays!

TUCKER TIME // three blue ducks

Three Blue Ducks is well and truly an established institution with three locations in Bronte, Rosebery and Byron Bay. Luckily the two Sydney locations are convenient for city dwellers with Byron definitely on the menu for the holidays. The good food is obviously the priority but the interiors and laid-back vibe make the dining experience that much more enjoyable.

The dishes are creative and use the best local produce as well as fresh ingredients from the kitchen garden in the back courtyard. They also stock high quality organic, fairtrade and biodynamic products in keeping with their real food philosophy. Believing in sustainable and environmental living by supporting growing and composting initiatives within the community. There’s even renewable energy using solar power, biodegradable takeaway containers and eco-friendly, non-toxic premises.

Many of us aspire to this lifestyle and it is achievable with so many great examples like this to follow. First thing on my dream list is the kitchen garden!

STREETSCAPES // bondi to coogee


ANFM_Bondi-pool01ANFM_Bondi-cliffs02 ANFM_GordonsBay-beach02ANFM_GordonsBay-beach04

Or maybe I should call this post coastscapes? There are plenty of great sights on the streets of these beachside suburbs, but it’s still the beautiful coastline that always steals the show for me.

I feel so grateful that I can regularly take the Bondi to Coogee Walk and it still takes my breath away, especially on a clear winter’s day. Walking down to Bondi and pausing at Bondi Icebergs to take in the stunning views of North Bondi through to Bondi Baths. Then it’s onward with the 6km path through the carved cliffs of Tamarama until reaching Bronte with its picturesque beach and great cafés.

The coastal walk continues to Clovelly which feels entirely different again – for me it’s reminiscent of a European beach situated in a bay surrounded by rocky ridges. Getting back to nature through the lush vegetation revealing the secluded Gordon’s Bay with crystal clear, aqua blue waters. It’s no surprise that this is a protected aquatic reserve and also has an underwater trail, making it a popular dive spot. Reluctant to leave this pristine paradise but the final destination is Coogee which is the quintessential Sydney scene. It has all the makings of a classic with the gorgeous beach and historic ocean baths, within proximity of the promenade with an assortment of restaurants and hotels.

The path keeps going all the way to Maroubra but it’s time to stop and take it all in (feeling very blessed to live here). I also have to summon the energy to walk all the way back home!

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